Glossary of Jewelry Terms

Necklace Knowledge

Adjustable Necklace - Crafted to suit your desired fit, our adjustable necklaces have a customizable slider that can be moved to adapt to your style. Our chain necklaces with an adjustable slider come in a variety of metals like Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold chain necklaces. Discover our collection of long necklaces for inspiration behind the length of your adjustable necklace.

Bar Necklace - Our bar necklaces are simple, everyday pendant necklaces with a unique, elongated rectangular shape. Browse our collection of bar necklaces for a Gold necklace that will be an elegant addition to your jewelry box, or opt for an Opal necklace in our wide selection of bar necklaces.

Choker Necklace - A choker necklace is the shortest of all necklaces, designed to be worn close to the neck and usually measuring around 16 inches. Choker necklaces are the perfect first layer, that can then have pendant necklaces or long necklaces added beneath. Discover our selection of choker necklaces to find a Silver necklace or a Gold choker necklace that will add flair to your accessories collection.

Collar Necklace - Draped and fitted directly on top of the collar bone, our collar necklaces come in a variety of metals and are great for layering. Looking for necklaces for her? Choose a collar necklace and pair it with Kendra Scott layered necklaces to complete the look.

Lariat Necklace - Identified by its y-shape, lariat necklaces are worn looped around the neck with no specific clasp on either end. Our collection of lariat necklaces look stunning with deep necklines and come in a variety of metals like the Rose Gold necklaces, making these pieces perfect for any occasion.

Long Necklace - Long necklaces plunge below the neckline, creating  the perfect statement. Kendra Scott long necklaces come in many styles, metals, and colors, like an Opal Necklace or a Pearl necklace, and are highly versatile.

Long Pendant Necklace - 

A long pendant necklace’s distinct feature is its plunging length featuring a loose-hanging piece of jewelry, or pendant. Our long pendant necklaces come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors like a Pearl pendant necklace, or a Rose Gold pendant necklace. Browse our long necklaces and silver pendant necklaces to find your new favorite piece.

Multi Strand Necklace - A multi-strand necklace is one necklace that gives the illusion that you’re wearing multiple necklaces. Kendra Scott multi-strand necklaces come in various metals and styles like a Gold layered necklace. Select your multi-strand necklace when you browse our collection of layered necklaces.

Pendant Necklace - 

 A pendant is a piece of jewelry, small or large, that hangs from a chain worn around the neck. Common in fashion, pendant necklaces are usually dainty, with a small stone or charm accent. Our favorite pendant necklace is our #1 best seller, the Elisa. Browse our selection of diamond pendant necklaces, silver pendant necklaces, and gold pendant necklaces.

Statement Necklace - Statement necklaces are easy to spot—bold, unique, colorful, and attention grabbing. Our selection comes in different metals, shapes, colors, and stones. Discover a piece that feels like your own custom necklace when you browse our suite of statement necklaces

Y Necklace - These namesake necklaces are y-shaped, and are worn looped around the neck with no specific clasp on either end. Our collection of y necklaces, or lariat necklaces, look stunning with deep necklines and come in a variety of styles and metals.

Defining Our Earrings

Drop Earrings - Kendra Scott drop earrings are versatile, lightweight, attach to the earlobe, and feature a gemstone or ornament that dangles from a chain or hoop. Our drop earrings vary in length, style, and color, making them the perfect statement earrings.

Ear Climbers - Ear climber earrings begin at the bottom of the earlobe, then climb up the ear, creating an illusion that you’re wearing something more complex than stud earrings. Shop our collection of playful, yet sophisticated ear climber earrings.

Fringe Earrings - Fringe earrings resemble tassel earrings, featuring a dangling ornament that mimics a bunch of cords or threads that are fastened at one end. Statement earrings’ fringe come in various lengths and colors and can be paired with any ensemble to add flair. Browse our tassels and fringe jewelry to find a piece that fits your style.

Hoop Earrings - Hoop earrings are earrings in the form of a circular band and are made of metal, resin, or a similar material. Kendra Scott hoop earrings are versatile and come in many sizes and materials. Add a touch of elegance to your accessory box with our Diamond hoop earrings, or opt for a classic pair of Silver hoop earrings or Rose gold hoop earrings.

Huggie Earrings - Huggie earrings resemble small hoop earrings, crafted with a hinge at the top of the earring that allows the post to open and close without an earring back. These small hoops are situated closely to the earlobe and are perfect for girls who want dainty earrings for their second piercing. Shop other small earrings and find an accent earring to go with every look.

Linear Earrings - Linear earrings are long statement earrings that drop directly from the ear, featuring a dazzling ornament that dangles in a linear fashion. Browse our other statement earrings and drop earrings and be inspired by all of the ways you can wear these pieces everyday.

Statement Earrings - Statement earrings are bold, unique, colorful, and attention-grabbing. Our selection comes in different metals, shapes, hues, and stones like beautiful chandelier earrings and colorful gemstone earrings. Discover your new statement piece when you browse Kendra Scott statement earrings.

Stud Earrings - Stud earrings are small and worn close to the earlobe, with no dangling element. Every girl deserves to own one good pair of stud earrings because they’re lightweight and easy to style. For a versatile staple piece, shop Kendra Scott stud earrings, or for a touch of elegance, opt for our Diamond stud earrings.

Threader Earrings - Kendra Scott threader earrings are made from a length of chain and give the illusion that they were threaded through the earlobe. They combine a statement earrings’ silhouette with sleek detail, creating a one-of-a-kind look. Browse our selection of lightweight threader earrings in various metals, or shop specific metals like Silver earrings.

Behind the Bracelet Stack

Adjustable Bracelet - Crafted to suit your desired fit, our adjustable bracelets have a customizable slider that can be moved to adapt to your style. Shop Kendra Scott adjustable bracelets to find versatile and stylish bracelets for any style.

Bangle Bracelet - A bangle bracelet is a closed bracelet that can't be clasped or unclasped, and doesn't fit tightly to the wrist. To put it on, all you need to do is slide your hand through the bracelet. This style of bracelet is made to slide loosely up and down the arm. Plus, they look beautiful when stacked with other bangle bracelets, cuffs, or chain bracelets. Shop our collection of bangle bracelets to find your new staple piece, or browse Silver bracelets and Gold bracelets for other inspiring styles.

Beaded Bracelet - Beaded bracelets are bracelets made from loose beads and connected to each other through the bead’s center hole with string or elastic. Kendra Scott beaded bracelets are versatile and textured, making an elegant statement with layers of beautiful beads. Discover different colors and style in our beaded bracelets collection.

Chain Bracelet - Chain bracelets are ornamental bands made from a small chain and worn around the wrist. Our chain bracelets come in many metals, colors, and styles, and can be fastened with an adjustable slider or a lobster claw clasp. Browse for chain bracelets in our adjustable bracelets and birthstone bracelets collections to find a piece that is unique to you.

Cuff Bracelets - Cuff bracelets fit around the entire wrist, but are open in the back, allowing you to wear and remove the bracelet. Fitting snugly with an adjustable fit, our cuff bracelets are designed to be worn anywhere and layered with other bracelets. Browse our collection of cuff bracelets to discover a variety of metals and styles like Silver bracelets and Rose gold bracelets.

Link Bracelet - Kendra Scott link bracelets are flexible bracelets made of multiple chain link pieces and come in various styles and sizes, ranging from small to medium-sized metal links. Browse our collection of bracelets to find link bracelets that suit your style. Or, discover how you can customize a link bracelet in the Color Bar™.

Pinch Bracelet - Like cuff bracelets, pinch bracelets fit around the entire wrist with a large opening on one end, allowing you to pinch the bracelet for the desired fit. Discover a Kendra Scott pinch bracelet when you shop our suite of cuff bracelets.

Ring Vocabulary

Adjustable Ring - An adjustable ring can be pinched to your desired fit so you can wear it on any finger you choose.

Band Ring - Our band rings are dainty and made of precious metals and gems, enclosing the entire finger. These rings are perfect to wear with other rings because of their size. Discover our sparkling band rings—striking from every angle.

Cocktail Ring - Bold and colorful, our cocktail rings, also known as statement rings, are larger in size — made to draw attention. Many of our cocktail rings feature large stones, bright colors, and lots of sparkle. Elevate your jewelry box with a Kendra Scott cocktail ring in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

Diamond Ring - All of our Diamond rings are conflict-free in compliance with the Kimberley Process. These rings feature delicate Pave Diamonds and are made to last a lifetime. Stack our Diamond rings or wear them alone for understated sparkle.

Double Ring - A double ring is made to fit two fingers, side-by-side. These rings can be adjusted to desired fit, and fit behind the fingers, giving the illusion of floating.

Midi Ring - Midi rings fit mid-way down your finger, rather than sliding all the way to the bottom. These on-trend rings are beautiful when worn with other rings.

Mood Ring - Our take on the nostalgic ‘70s trend, mood rings change colors, playfully interpreting your current mood. Learn more about our mysterious mood stones in the Encyclopedia.

Open Ring - A unique statement, open rings are made with an opening on the top of the finger. Shaped like a U, these rings are adjustable, so you can wear them on any finger.

Stackable Ring - Because one ring is never enough — our stackable rings are simple and dainty, made to wear together on one finger, or worn across several fingers. Find stackable rings in your favorite styles and metals to layer into the everyday.

Charm Meanings

Alphabet Charms - Show off your initials on a Kendra Scott charm bracelet or necklace with our suite of Alphabet charms. Featuring every letter in the alphabet, we love personalizing Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver charm bracelets with our Alphabet Charms.

Locket Charms - Store pictures or keepsakes of those closest to your heart inside our Locket charms. Designed for charm necklaces and bracelets, our Locket Charms are available in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

Philanthropy Charms - Our collection of Philanthropy Charms features a suite of You Do Good charms, just one of the many ways we give back. Each of these Family charms makes a difference in the world, from children’s education to women empowerment. Each year, 50% of the proceeds go to the selected cause chosen for each charm. Discover a Kendra Scott Philanthropy charm that speaks to your heart.

State Charms - Designed to represent the state you call home, our collection of State charms features a special charm for every state in the United States. From a Georgia Peach to a Florida Coral, each charm represents something unique about each state.

Storyteller Charms - Tell your unique story with Kendra Scott Storyteller charms. Featuring Animal charms and Good Luck charms, this collection is loved for its playful and unique designs in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. Each charm has a special meaning made to represent each individual style and story.

Zodiac Charms - Our suite of Zodiac charms represents your zodiac sign and astrological symbol. Use these charms to design a unique Zodiac necklace or bracelet. These Zodiac Charms are offered in your favorite metals like Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold charms.



Charm Earrings - One of our favorite timeless trends, charm earrings are hoop earrings adorned with charms in any size, color, or metal.

Charm Bracelets - Charm bracelets are one of the most common pieces of charm jewelry for your jewelry box. The perfect gift for her, or for yourself, discover Kendra Scott bracelet charms in a variety of metals, styles, and stones. Each charm is designed to tell your unique story—you can continue to add charms to your bracelet for years to come!

Charm Necklaces - Stunning with a single charm or as many as you like, Kendra Scott charm necklaces are jewelry box necessities. Designed with short or long chains, each charm beautifully lays as a pendant. Create your own charm necklace with our collection of necklace charms, or choose from one of our necklace sets.

Home Décor Basics


Earring Ladder - An earring ladder is a small jewelry stand that resembles a ladder. Its horizontal bars can store and organize earrings like hoop earrings and statement earrings, while adding to your dresser or vanity decor. Browse our collection of jewelry boxes and organizers to find stylish storage for your jewelry.

Jewelry Box - A jewelry box is a container that’s used to store jewelry. Kendra Scott’s collection of jewelry boxes range from travel-sized to large, giving you plenty of room to store our cuff bracelets, charm necklaces, and Diamond rings. Explore our selection of jewelry boxes and organizers to find the right jewelry box for your storage needs.

T-Bar Jewelry Stand - Kendra Scott t-bar jewelry stands are t-shaped jewelry organizers, creating the perfect shape to drape and store charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, or Pearl necklaces. Place a t-bar jewelry stand on top of a dresser or vanity for added decor. Discover various colors and sizes of our t-bar jewelry stands when you browse jewelry boxes and organizers.

Travel Jewelry Case - Our travel jewelry cases are jewelry boxes that are created for traveling, equipped with a zipper to keep your most-worn accessory essentials safe while you’re on-the-go. With plenty of space to store your rings, cuff bracelets, and earrings, Kendra Scott travel jewelry cases come in different sizes to suit your travel needs. Shop our jewelry boxes and organizers to find your new travel companion.



Photo Frame - A photo frame is a decorative border or edging for a picture, adding a styled and protective element to its display. Much like our charm necklaces, our selection of photo frames help you capture memories and moments. Explore various sizes, styles, and metals when you shop Kendra Scott picture frames.

Trays - Kendra Scott trays are stone slabs with decorative handles that are crafted to adorn a side table or ottoman, helping you display your favorite Kendra Scott candles, or statement earrings. Shop our home decor to find a Kendra Scott tray that matches your style.

Tumbler Candle - Our tumbler candles are large, natural soy wax candles that come in a glass container with a lid top. Kendra Scott tumbler candles come in a variety of signature scents and make a beautiful addition to your home decor collection. Browse Kendra Scott home decor.

Votive Candle - A votive candle is a small candle typically made of white or yellow wax. Our selection of 8 oz. votive candles come in a variety of scents and make a great accent piece to any dresser or vanity. Discover your new favorite scent when you shop Kendra Scott candles.

Our Jewelry Collections

Fashion Jewelry

Plated Over Brass - This process is used in our fashion jewelry to achieve the Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold metals that we love. Our fashion jewelry necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are first cast in Brass and layered with other metals, known as “plating”. Shop these pieces in our collection of Top Selling jewelry.


Demi-Fine Jewelry

Gold Vermeil - Vermeil is Sterling Silver that is plated in 18k Gold or 18k Rose Gold. This gold plating is roughly 2.5 microns in width, making it more durable for long-term wear. 

Sterling Silver - Sterling Silver speaks to a combination of pure silver and copper with a shiny facade and durable build appropriate for everyday wear.


Fine Jewelry

Conflict-Free - This term refers to the Kimberley Process. Conflict-Free means a Diamond was ethically mined and legally sold into the Fine Jewelry market. All Kendra Scott Diamonds are Conflict-Free.

Kimberley Process - The Kimberley Process is an international Diamond certification process initiated by the United Nations to prevent the trade of conflict Diamonds. All pieces of Kendra Scott Fine Jewelry follow this process. Discover some of our favorite Diamond pieces like Diamond earrings and Diamond pendant necklaces.

Pavé Diamonds - Pavé Diamonds are small Diamonds that are set in between metal prongs or beads that hold them in place. These settings are barely visible, making the Diamonds appear as an endless chain of sparkle. Explore Pavé Diamonds in our suite of Diamond band rings and Diamond stud earrings.

Total Carat Weight - The total carat weight of Diamond jewelry adds up the total carat weight of all Diamonds in the piece of jewelry. For example, 5 Diamonds may each have a .025 carat weight, but combined together in a piece of jewelry a total carat weight of .125.

Jewelry Materials


Kendra Scott earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are made with a variety of metals and stones. Learn more about some of our materials and metals in the Kendra Scott Encyclopedia. When shopping online, each product lists the specific metal and stone used.

Fashion Jewelry:

14k Yellow Gold Plated Over Brass 14k Rose Gold Plated Over Brass Rhodium Plated Over Brass Gunmetal Plated Over Brass

Demi-Fine Jewelry:

18k Gold Vermeil Sterling Silver

Fine Jewelry:

14k Yellow Gold 14k Rose Gold 14k White Gold

Jewelry Stones & Shells


Bronze Veined Magnesite - Related to Magnesite, Bronze Veined Magnesite offers a hint of visual texture to our classic and colorful stones. Discover Bronze Veined Magnesite in staple and seasonal colors such as Turquoise, Red, and more.

Cat’s Eye - This stone contains optical fibers that allow the stone to change hues as it captures light. The term describes the process conducted during the creation of the stone. Before the glass cools, thin transparent fibers are strung through the glass to create a reflective look. Find Cat's Eye jewelry in a range of forever and seasonal colors such as Emerald, Cobalt, Gray, and more.

Chalcedony - A milky blue green stone, Chalcedony is a form of fine quartz and morganite. Add this pastel stone to your jewelry collection with pieces from our Chalcedony jewelry

Citrine - A member of the quartz family, our genuine Citrine Quartz stone has a cloudy amber appearance. This stone is perfect for November birthdays! Shop Citrine in our collection of November Birthstone Jewelry.

Clear Glass - A classic beauty, our clear glass stones are completely translucent. We’ve experimented with this material to create stunning new colors like London Blue Glass and much more. Did you know that many of our glass stones can be found in our Birthstone Inspired collection?

Dichroic Glass - This iridescent stone is created by layering foil between two pieces of glass. Learn more about Dichroic Glass and its kaleidoscopic effect in the Encyclopedia, or shop our Dichroic Glass jewelry.

Kyocera Opal - Our Kyocera Opal is a lab grown, stabilized opal created to mimic the dazzling structure of natural opal. Beautifully reflective and never dyed, learn how we make this material in both forever and seasonal colors.

Magnesite - Favored for its bright colors, Magnesite was one of the first materials we fell in love with. Made in an array of colors like Pink, Orange, Mint, Turquoise, and more, discover this earthy stone in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Mica - This natural stone is shimmery and made up of distinct mineral layers. We create Mica stones in a variety of colors like Sable, Green, and even playful seasonal colors like Purple. Shop collection of Mica Jewelry to find new pieces for your jewelry box.



Abalone Shell - Abalone Shell is the artful inner shell of a mollusk, whose hard, rock-like outer shell disguises the moody natural mix of blue and green underneath. One of nature’s most dazzling materials, learn more about this shell in the Encyclopedia, or shop our suite of Abalone Shell jewelry.

Illusion - Our Illusion stones are made through a unique technique where we layer a colored material, like resin over shell. Discover how we make these unique stones in the Encyclopedia. Our Illusion stones are found in an assortment of colors such as Peridot, Berry, and so many more.


Healing Stones

Amethyst - Get to know your true self with Amethyst, an opaque violet stone that magnifies your body’s positive vibes so you can easily connect to your heart and mind. Add Amethyst necklaces and birthstone rings to your jewelry box from our collection of amethyst jewelry.

Brown Tiger's Eye - In need of a little motivation to embrace a new opportunity? Brown Tiger’s Eye, a reflective caramel brown stone, will give you the extra push you need to take the right action.

Green Quartz - When searching for the answer to the problem, Green Quartz, a hazy light green stone, opens the door to wisdom, health, and prosperity. Discover necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in our collection of Green jewelry.

Hematite - For a head in the clouds that longs to reconnect to the earth, give your inner strength and resolve a boost with the grounding energy of Hematite. This reflective gray black stone derives from iron.

Labradorite - For the power to expand your mind and unleash your creativity, rely on Labradorite’s insight to make your everyday more magical.

Obsidian - When it’s time for an emotional cleanse, let Obsidian, a dark black stone made from volcanic glass, repel negativity and protect you as you center into a space of light and love.

Rose Quartz - Connect to the nurturer and romantic within with Rose Quartz, our favorite blushing pink stone. This hazy stone gets its color from microscopic inclusions found within. Learn more about Rose Quartz or shop some of our favorite pieces of Rose Quartz jewelry.

Smoky Quartz - A member of the Quartz family, this smoky brown stone brings you back to yourself, allowing you to concentrate on tackling the challenges in your path with purpose. Shop our charm bracelet sets featuring a Smoky Quartz charm



Diamond - A classic gemstone, our shimmering Diamonds are round cut, nearly colorless, and slightly included. Providing timeless sparkle, Diamonds are found throughout Kendra Scott Fine Jewelry collections. Discover an elegant piece of Diamond Jewelry in our suite of Diamond necklaces and Diamond earrings.


Semi-Precious Stones

Blue Lapis - This genuine blue stone features splashes of gold and white. Discover Blue Lapis in necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets within our suite of Blue Lapis jewelry.

Gray Labradorite - A genuine and undyed stone related to moonstone, Gray Labradorite has a soft gray tone and flashes of iridescence.

Green Malachite - This authentic stone displays a deep green hue and tonal patterning. Green Malachite is a green copper mineral, and is used to produce copper metal. Love this green stone? Discover other pieces of Green Jewelry from Kendra Scott.

Ivory Mother of Pearl - Mother-of-Pearl is a genuine shell material produced as the inner layer of a shell, and is also what makes up the outer coating of pearls. Learn more about Mother-of-Pearl.

Moonstone - Loved for its neutral hue and subtle iridescence, discover Moonstone throughout pieces of our Fine Jewelry. Falling within the families of Feldspar and Labradorite, this gemstone is known for its opaque appearance. Shop this stone in our suite of Moonstone Jewelry.

Pink Quartzite - This blushing pink stone is a genuine dyed quartzite. For other pink stones from Kendra Scott, peruse our collection of Pink Jewelry.

Turquoise - A classic genuine and undyed stone, with shades of brown inclusions, Genuine Turquoise is stunning set in Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver. Shop our collection of Turquoise Jewelry to find necklaces, earrings, and much more.



The natural formation of crystal on a rock surface, or crystallization, Drusy, also known as Druzy, occurs when water collects and evaporates on a rock. We create unique Drusy colors such as Iridescent, Platinum, Rose Gold, Multicolor, Black, and other seasonal hues through our custom plating process to enhance the stone’s natural beauty. Learn more about our Drusy stones or shop our suites of Drusy bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Specialty Jewelry

Mood Stones

What is a mood ring? A mood ring is a ring that changes color depending on the temperature of your skin. Our mood stone is created by placing faceted glass over heat-changing paper.

Does Kendra Scott sell mood rings? Yes! Shop our collection of Mood Stone jewelry here.

What do the colors on a mood ring/charm mean?

Pink - Optimistic Purple - Passionate Amber - Creative Green - Motivated Cobalt - Content Navy - Introspective  

How do mood stones work? Our take on the nostalgic trend, Kendra Scott mood rings and charms feature a mood stone created with faceted glass over heat-changing paper. For the most accurate results, we recommend wearing your mood stone in contact with your skin or over thin clothing.


Birthstone Related Jewelry

What are the birthstones for each month? At Kendra Scott, the birthstone colors for each month are, in order from January to December, Berry Glass, Amethyst, Light Blue Illusion, Clear Glass, Emerald Cat’s Eye, Ivory Mother-of-Pearl, Bright Red Glass, Peridot Illusion, Cobalt Cat’s Eye, Berry Illusion, Citrine, and London Blue Glass. Learn more in the Kendra Scott Guide to Birthstone Jewelry.

What birthstone jewelry products does Kendra Scott offer? We offer birthstone inspired necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Shop our collection of birthstone colors here.

What is the birthstone color for January? Berry Glass

What is the birthstone color for February? Amethyst

What is the birthstone color for March? Light Blue Illusion. Learn more about our Illusion technique here.

What is the birthstone color for April? Clear Glass

What is the birthstone color for May? Emerald Cat’s Eye. Shop our Cat’s Eye jewelry here.

What is the birthstone color for June? Ivory Mother-of-Pearl. Learn more about Mother-of-Pearl here.

What is the birthstone color for July? Bright Red Glass

What is the birthstone color for August? Peridot Illusion. Learn more about our Illusion technique here.

What is the birthstone color for September? Cobalt Cat’s Eye. Shop our Cat’s Eye jewelry here.

What is the birthstone color for October? Berry Illusion. Learn more about our Illusion technique here.

What is the birthstone color for November? Citrine

What is the birthstone color for December? London Blue Glass

Jewelry Glossary 101


Adjustable Sliding Bead Closure - Our Adjustable Sliding Bead Closures allow us to create the adjustable necklaces and bracelets that you love. These closures are designed to slide up and down the chain of your piece of jewelry to create the perfect fit for you. Find pieces with these closures in our suite of adjustable bracelets.

Clasp - A clasp is a piece at the end of a chain that allows you to close the ends of a bracelet or necklace. There are many different types of clasps in jewelry. Kendra Scott jewelry is commonly made with Lobster Claw and Spring Ring clasps. Discover clasps in our suites of necklaces and bracelets.

Lobster Claw - A Lobster Claw clasp is shaped like the pinchers of a Lobster, designed to easily hook into loops of a necklace or bracelet. To open the clasp, push down on the lever and hook it onto the loop, and close. Discover these clasps on our best-selling Elisa necklaces.


Design Elements

Chain - A chain is a series of small metal loops linked together to form the foundation for many necklaces and bracelets. While chains are necessary in the design of many pieces of jewelry, they can also be decorative and serve an aesthetic purpose. Discover our collection of chain necklaces to find the perfect one for your style.

Ear Wire - This is a crucial element to every earring—ear wire is the part of the earring that threads through the ear and leaves room for the back of an earring. Peruse our collections of small earrings and long earrings, each featuring this important part to an earring.

Extenders - Want to lengthen your favorite necklace or bracelet? Our extenders allow you to do exactly that by connecting to the end of your piece of jewelry, adding more loops for your clasp to hook onto. Shop our collection of Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver extenders and chains.

Lacquer - Our nail lacquers, also known as nail polishes, are designed to give you a bold finish for your nails. All of our nail lacquers are 5-free formulas and are not tested on animals. Explore our extensive collection of nail lacquers to find the color that suits your style.

Pendant - A pendant is a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain around the neck. Many of our favorite necklaces feature a pendant, like our classic Elisa necklace. Pendants can vary in size and shape, and are attached to a piece of jewelry by the chain or a loop that threads onto the chain. Explore our collections of Pearl pendant necklaces and Diamond pendant necklaces.

Post - Post earrings are also known as stud earrings, and are characterized by the post that connects the decorative part of the earring and the ear wire. Peruse our collection of Diamond stud earrings, and stud earrings to find the perfect everyday pair.

Removable Bail - All of our charms come with a removable bail, a metal loop that opens and closes, allowing you to attach and remove charms from your necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Look around our collections of Gold charms and Silver charms to find the perfect pieces for your jewelry.

Stationary Pendant - A stationary pendant is a pendant that is secured onto a chain and cannot move or be taken off the chain. Many of our stationary pendants are connected to the chain on either side, becoming a key part of the chain.

Tassel - Tassels are used in our jewelry as adornments to a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings. Many of our tassels are made up of many metal chains, with a piece at the top to bring them all together. Tassels are an iconic heirloom design that spans the decades of fashion. Explore our collection of tassels and fringe to find a piece of tassel jewelry.


Additional Knowledge

What is Gunmetal jewelry? Gunmetal jewelry is kind of jewelry plated with Copper, Tin, and Zinc to create a dark, moody hue.

What is Druzy jewelry? Druzy, also known as Drusy, is the natural formation of crystal on a rock.

What’s the difference between bronze and gunmetal? Bronze is made by combining Copper and Tin, while Gunmetal is a type of Bronze metal made up of Copper, Tin, and Zinc.

What kind of earrings can you wear for sensitive ears? For sensitive ears, we recommend wearing earrings from our Fine Jewelry collection. Made with 14k Yellow Gold, 14k Rose Gold, and 14K White Gold, these materials won’t irritate those with a Brass allergy.